Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I was going through one of my folders and looking at photos that I have been saving and ran across pictures of this wonderful Music Conservatory I was lucky enough to purchase at a dream estate sale! The woman who owned this had passed away and her two adult children were selling off all of her craft items and collections. I lucked out because no one that came to the private sale were interested in any of the miniature items and the prices for the items were at giveaway levels!. I was left alone in the back of the house in a room full of the most wonderful items. This building is one of the things I purchased and it came completely full of wonderful musical instruments. All of the pieces are artisan made and signed. The building also has a wonderful set of stone steps that lead to the front door. I have them in the roof at the moment because there wasn't room for them on the small table this is sitting on. The roof of this building is lifted off and then you can remove the front wall for access.The instruments are a harp,flute in a leather case,piano and also hand carved music stand and stool. The little round table is hand carved too. There was also an overstuffed velvet covered wing back and a brass telescope that was included. I still daydream about that sale! I have so much more that I should photograph and share with you too. I  also ended up with 7 sleighs made by Carol Hardy.....also a popcorn making cart and a wonderful circus car/cage made by Carol too.  I didn't know who she was at first and the pieces are signed C. Hardy. I had shown one of them to a miniature shop keeper and she flipped out and told me who Carol was......LOL....still a novice at that point. The list is endless. My Mother,sister and I went back three days in a row to purchase things!!