Friday, May 20, 2011

GONE FOREVER...........part 2

A couple of weeks ago I had one of my customers contact me to let me know that she had a house fire and has lost all of her collection of miniatures which included almost 35 of my dolls! I feel so bad for her!! She also had wonderful pieces by Kerri Pajutee , Teresa Summers and several other artists. I can't imagine losing your whole life of belongings like that. I have been in touch with her insurance agent and am compiling a list for them for the replacement cost of the dolls. Quite the undertaking and I can't help but mourn the loss of some of my past work as I am going through my books and remembering some of their little faces(am I strange???). It is hard enough sometimes to ship them off, but now knowing they are burned up and gone is a bummer!!!! I talked to my customer on the phone and she mentioned a couple of the dolls and we were both moaning about it! I thought I would post a few that she had. Even my little Gracie in the gingham dress in my header photo is gone!!!
I sent her a new baby in the hopes that it would cheer her up a little. She was such a great customer and collector.She also bought dollhouses in need of repair and would fix them up to give to some little girl whose family couldn't afford one. I always thought that was so sweet of her. I am posting her address and see if anyone out there has some little extra miniature that is collecting dust or that you have double of and see if you wanted to mail it to her. I really feel bad for her loss. It might let her know that things will get better!! I am going through my things too, because I know I have been buying like crazy for the last few years!! Anyway.....just a thought I had for a fellow miniature lover and avid collector. I am adding more information about the address as Anne requested.............(I even corrected the spelling on the state!!...sheesh)<---LOL
New Hampshire is a very tiny state located on the East coast of the US in between Vermont and Maine.

Teresa Chrimes
P.O. Box 187
(city).... North Haverhill,
(state).... New Hampshire

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY............

to me!!!!! OH yeah.......another one has come upon me too fast! They seem to fly by now! I barely get used to saying my new age and it changes again!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

SWAP from Marlies

I joined in on the Mother's Day swap that Dale had and I was lucky enough to have Marlies of send me a surprise!!! I wanted to share it with you! You should see all of the details in this wonderful little nightie and corset. The cosmetic bag with soap,lotion,lipstick,powder,etc. is so incredible too and perfect!!! Thank you so much Marlies and also a Thank you to Dale for organizing the swap!!
I just received a letter from Fabiola that her Mother's Day swap gift from me finally arrived in Italy! Whew!!! Packages taking their time to arrive is always so frustrating! I am glad that it finally is there!! Here is a photo of what I sent her........something for Mother.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

WINNER OF A NEW BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First of all I would love to Thank all of you who joined in on the fun and signed up for the giveaway! I ended up with 117 total. (Caterina was included as she had to email me to say that she couldn't log into my site for some reason). It was such a tremendous turn out and alot of new Followers joined in! Thank you for all of the sweet comments. I hope everyone had a Wonderful Mother's Day! I was completely spoiled by my daughter,sister and niece who hosted a Brunch for my Mother and I.

The WINNER is:


Please email me with your address so I can send Baby Addison your way!
Catherine has a wonderful blog that you should all visit. She makes wonderful miniatures!!

Congratulations Catherine!!!
Thank you all again!!!! I really had fun with this giveaway and only wish I could send all of you babies!!!!