Thursday, May 20, 2010


First I would like to WELCOME all of my new followers! Thank you so much for following my blog Kristy,Lara,Oiseau,Genevieve,Karin and Daisy! I am so happy that you have signed on!
  When I start a new sculpt I always do the head first. It has always amazed me that when the head is finished I can at that point already see if the new baby is a boy or girl. Then I can proceed to sculpt the right body. I try to just flow with my clay and never think about what I want as I am sculpting and it seems that more girls show up in my clay than boys......... it is so much easier to dress little girls! On the rare occasion that a boy does show up though I  really love to dress them too. I have just as much fun dressing these little babies as I do sculpting all of them. Here are a couple of boy babies from my past work.  


  1. HI Patty!!!! :)
    I didn't even know you had a blog until I saw it in CDHM!
    Such sweet little baby boys, they really do look alive.

  2. They are so cute again!!

  3. Your little boys are so cute. Great work !

  4. Guapisimos los dos niños !!!!


  5. Beautiful, they are SO lovely!!!

  6. Thank you so much for all of your comments! I really appreciate them!
    Kristy, I just started the blog a month ago! Everyone seemed to be having so much fun sharing here that I just had to join in.