Friday, August 6, 2010


The next few days of the workshop we were putting the wood and paperclay on all of our walls. Interior walls were finished first. I made a wattle and daub on my upstairs back wall! Years ago when building, the inner wall was lathe work(wattle and daub).  Some of the older buildings have plaster that has fallen off and some of the inner lathe wall is exposed. I wasn't going to make one because I was scared to try.....LOL..I realized though I would miss out on a great chance to experience everything that Rik was teaching us so I made one!------->info here :     You can also make a fence using this technique. First you cut small strips of Bristol board and then cut small strips of .032 thick wood strips and weave the wood with the paper. The part of the wall where I was going to have the wattle and daub exposed was painted black first and then the piece was glued in place after I painted it brown.. I then just covered the wall with paper clay and left a bit of  the inner wall exposed. The cracks in the wall showed up as it was drying and I decided to leave them. If you don't like the look when this happens you just add more paper clay and repair the cracks.


  1. I think the cracks give it character.....

  2. Yes I love the cracks and the waddle and daub. Those are the sort of things that add so much to a project.
    Patty... I can't wait for more! ;-)

  3. They really do add character! I loved how they turned out. Tabitha.....have you shown your Rik Pierce house on your blog? I need to check....I would love to see it!

  4. It looks great.

    I tend to leave the cracks in my paperclay...I think it really adds to the realism.