Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Well, Our annual Miniature show in the area I live has come and gone again! I really had so much fun going to it and look forward to it every year. There are usually about 115 dealers, with a couple over here from Europe, with some incredible and inspiring miniatures. I am always so amazed to see some of the items that different artist are making! There is such incredible talent in the miniature community! I have a couple of photos to share from my favorite vendor. Carla Gaustad travels all over Europe and purchases items that can't be seen in person unless you attend the Big shows(Miniatura and Kensington). It is always fun to stop at her space and see what she has! I managed to buy a tiny house by Veronique Lux which I need to take a photo of so you can see! That will come soon. I need to photograph all of my wonderful purchases! The best thing happened to me too........I finally managed to see and hold two Catherine Muniere babies!!! I have only seen them in photos so, this was a real treat! They are so darling. One of my babies had a photo op with Catherine's......LOL

I thought I would mention that this show(35th) is named after the Good Samaritan Hospital that is in our area and some of the proceeds go the the Plane Tree Medical Library that the Hospital has. A good cause!


  1. Una buena causa para una preciosa feria.
    Me alegro que hayas disfrutado y hayas hecho unas buenas compras.
    besitos ascension

  2. Patty, me alegra que hay disfrutado, sus bebes se ven bonitos. Los juguetes de Carla Gaustad me gustan mucho, ella tiene sitio Web?.
    Gracias por poner las fotos.

  3. Teresa, ella no tiene un sitio web por desgracia. Ella sólo tiene algunos de los espectáculos muy grande y luego el resto del año va por toda Europa para comprar inventario. Es un placer ver las miniaturas más maravilloso que todos los artistas europeos hacen!

  4. Me alegro que hayas disfrutado de tan bella exposición.
    Es bonito organizarlas ppara una buena causa.
    Las fotos son preciosas y los bebes, muy dulces.
    Besitos, May

  5. So glad you enjoyed the show. I wish I knew about Carla Gaustad's table before I went. I did see Catherine Muniere babies so I must have seen the table. Like I said I was very dazed. Next time I have to take a lunch break and then return refreshed!

  6. I can't wait to see your purchases. I'm glad you had a great time at the miniatures show.

  7. So glad you had a great time :)