Friday, May 20, 2011

GONE FOREVER...........part 2

A couple of weeks ago I had one of my customers contact me to let me know that she had a house fire and has lost all of her collection of miniatures which included almost 35 of my dolls! I feel so bad for her!! She also had wonderful pieces by Kerri Pajutee , Teresa Summers and several other artists. I can't imagine losing your whole life of belongings like that. I have been in touch with her insurance agent and am compiling a list for them for the replacement cost of the dolls. Quite the undertaking and I can't help but mourn the loss of some of my past work as I am going through my books and remembering some of their little faces(am I strange???). It is hard enough sometimes to ship them off, but now knowing they are burned up and gone is a bummer!!!! I talked to my customer on the phone and she mentioned a couple of the dolls and we were both moaning about it! I thought I would post a few that she had. Even my little Gracie in the gingham dress in my header photo is gone!!!
I sent her a new baby in the hopes that it would cheer her up a little. She was such a great customer and collector.She also bought dollhouses in need of repair and would fix them up to give to some little girl whose family couldn't afford one. I always thought that was so sweet of her. I am posting her address and see if anyone out there has some little extra miniature that is collecting dust or that you have double of and see if you wanted to mail it to her. I really feel bad for her loss. It might let her know that things will get better!! I am going through my things too, because I know I have been buying like crazy for the last few years!! Anyway.....just a thought I had for a fellow miniature lover and avid collector. I am adding more information about the address as Anne requested.............(I even corrected the spelling on the state!!...sheesh)<---LOL
New Hampshire is a very tiny state located on the East coast of the US in between Vermont and Maine.

Teresa Chrimes
P.O. Box 187
(city).... North Haverhill,
(state).... New Hampshire


  1. Oh no, how horrible!!!! Gracie in the gingham dress looks just like my friends twin daughters when they were about 18 months old!!!!! Will see what I have in my stash.

  2. Oh NO!!! I am so sorry for Teresa. How awful and heartbreaking.

    For you too I am sure. It is a totally different feeling when you have made something that has a face. As few animals as I have made I learned you develop a (sort of love) relationship with them. What in the world can that be about? I have made an sold things for many years but this was a new and very odd revelation for me.

    May 20, 2011 12:19 PM

  3. Terrible! I'm not one who gets to much attached to things but dolls, and tiny dolls more than others, have their own character they are alive.
    I still have three little ones from my childhood and I'd never let them go.
    I am really sorry for her.And for you who were the creator of all of them. Hugs, Rosanna

  4. What a sad time, Patty and Teresa! Our little dolls do take on a character all their own and seem to lead lives.... even if we are just imagining it... it touches our hearts. I am so sorry for your loss.

  5. How sad for both of you. All those precious little babies who should have delighted generations just gone like that. :(

  6. oh my goodness... i can't even imagine how she feels..

  7. :( how sad ...poor wee things :( Linda x

  8. Elga, Thank you so much for considering going through your things to see if you have any little tidbits to send to her. I think it will make her feel so good! I am going through my excess too.

    Catherine, What Is up with that??? LOL I had the same thought. I have absolutely no problem sending other miniatures out into the world but I can get so attached to these tiny babies. I am sure it is the same with animals. There is just something about them that make people go gaga.....It has got to be their faces looking back at you!

    Thank you everyone......the loss really is Teresa's. I feel a little shallow whining about the babies....I fall in love with every one of them though, so it is strange to think they are gone.

  9. How horrible for both of you!
    Hugs. Béatrice

  10. Someone who knows nothing of figures and miniatures, you might think that this is not at all a tragedy ... It could be worse!
    But WE know how much importance is attached to our small creaure, our small houses filled with tiny objects ...
    They keep us afloat in bad times, give us the illusion that the world is not a bad place, and these days, this is no small thing!
    I am truly saddened and I think that your initiative is excellent: solidarity can manifest itself in many different ways, and is always appreciated :-)
    I'm here.

  11. I feel so sorry for your friend and very very sad :(. It must have been so traumatic to have your home burnt down by fire. I don't know what I will do if that has happened to me. You are doing a sweet thing , Patty.

  12. I think it is realy great that you share this incident, i know about fires and how heartbreaking it can be to loose all precious things from a house! Would you please add the country or state to the above adress? I would like to send something in miniature to this lady. Many Greetings from Greece, Anne

  13. How lovely and cute! I can´t believe how fantastic your babies are. Hugs Kati

  14. What a nightmare! She must be totally devastated. I know that one shouldn't be attached to material things, but a collection is something special, only collectors can understand.

  15. That is so sad. :( One of my customers lost all of her minis in katrina. :(

  16. Oh that is so sad . Its always terrible having a house fire but when you are a collector the loss must be even more intense. It must be awful to see all your lovingly collected miniatures go up in flames .
    julie xx

  17. I don't think you are shallow, Patty. We built our first home ourselves - every nail and saw cut and it was a real achievement for us although we sold it a few years later. Then 10 years ago it was lost in a bushfire and while we know the current owners were the ones with the real loss, it was as if a little of ourselves had burned with it.

  18. Hello ,
    i visited your blog.
    is very nice .i love your dolls.

  19. Cuanto me gustan tus niños, eres una artista.

  20. I`m sorry for Teresa and for you. I have not been into miniatures very long, so I don`t have many things, but maybe I can make her a little thing? It`s nice what you are doing for her.

  21. I'm so sad for Teresa... and you also. I can imagine that you put your heart and soul into each of your precious little creations, so this must be as big of a blow to you, if not more. So sorry to hear of this unfortunate news. :(


  22. Hay,

    What alovely tiny doll!
    Ohhh...this is so cute.
    I follow your blog..


  23. So sad I can't even imagine. You are so sweet to do this post. I will certainly mail her something. Hugs~ Kim

  24. Oh! I can only imagine how much sadness keeps the heart of Teresa. Sorry. And sorry also for your characters that are gone forever ... so cute! But the important thing is that she is well ... A hug

  25. Patty, your beautiful dolls lost, it's awful but for Teresa her home, I can't begin to imagine how she feels. What a lovely gesture to send her some little things. Gill x

  26. Teresa is a good friend of mine, she will be overwhelmed by your outpouring of kindness and sweet words. This lady has been through an awful lot and is absolutely made of gold. Thank you so much for putting this out there for her!

  27. Cuanto lo siento por las dos. Es una pena perder tus colecciones de esta forma. Gracias por el post y por darnos la dirección Besos.

  28. Oh my gosh this is aweful!! I feel so sorry for her... I can imagine how Teresa must feel now and you too Patty.
    You are doing a wonderful thing for her by this post and with love I will make or find some minis to send her!

    Hugs Jollie

  29. Patty que mensaje tan triste...Es horrible pensar en perder tus cosas de esa manera...¡Gracias a Dios !! Tu amiga está bien,pero debe ser muy doloroso..
    Y Bueno y tu preciosidades de obras de arte que tu haces y que le pones tanto amor...debe ser difícil...
    Te mando un abrazo muy grande Patty