Wednesday, December 22, 2010


First I want to wish every one of my followers and visitors a very Merry Christmas. I have been busy baking all day. I have made Rugelach and now am in the process of making Jam thumbprint cookies that are rolled in coconut. The house is smelling wonderful. Tomorrow I am going to make some Triple Gingerbread! I had some at a party recently and couldn't believe how wonderful tasting it is. It taste's like Christmas!!
We have decided to go Italian for Christmas this year so I am making Stracotto(Italian Pot Roast) with Porcini mushrooms and for my Vegetarian daughter I am also making Swiss Chard/Sweet Pea Manicotti with a Fontina Fonuduta sauce. Our Thanksgiving is always the traditional Turkey but, we love doing something really different for Christmas. Both recipes I discovered recently and they sound delicious. Do you have a favorite Christmas meal?? I hope all of you have a wonderful day!!


  1. Merry Christmas Patty!

    All that sound very warm and festive! I LOVE Gingerbread!!! I have never heard of a triple recipe...Ooooooh will you email that to me when you are not busy. Anytime after Christmas would be great!
    Thank you. XXX

  2. Hi Patty we shall have appetizers with al sorts of cured meats and fishes and veggies, Then a first course of ravioli. It will be followed by roast veal and mushrooms stuffed pharaon chicken with potatoes, carrots and ligurian black olives. May be some Brussel sprouts as well. Then our traditional cake, Pandolce and at large request an American dessert ??!!! Vanilla cheesecake with fresh raspberries. This is my son's favourite and even though it's not customary it's delicious.
    At the end dried nuts and fruits, figs apricots peaches etc etc etc and some bubbles
    At the very end we shall all collapse on the floor and shall ask for a quick death ;o)
    Best wishes, Rosanna

  3. Gosh, your menu sounds so exotic, as does Rosanna's. Being summer here, we will be enjoying cold meats and seafood with salad. I still have to make gingerbread, searched for star biscuit cutters yesterday and finally found some. Will post the results later.
    Best of Christmas wishes to you.

  4. Everything on your menu sounds delicious Patty! Enjoy! Merry Christmas! XXXX Morena

  5. Oh yum! Your meal is making me hungry just thinking about it. Merry Christmas!

  6. Catherine, I will definitely get the recipe for is in a cookbook that I have but I will see also if it is available online.
    Rosanna, Oh my!!! What a feast you will be having! I can see why you would all collapse at the end of sounds wonderful!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you!!

  7. Margaret, It must be so different to be having Christmas when it is summer weather! Right now I could use a little bit of sun and warmth! I really love a cloudy stormy Christmas though. I don't like the sun to be out that day at just doesn't feel like Christmas to me if it is! Strange, I know!!

  8. Happy Christmas to you too Patty, from a very very snowy Dublin! Carol :)

  9. Dear patty Thank you so much for your wishes. Compliments for all your works! I wish you a Peaceful and Joyful Christmas with your family. :o)

  10. Happy Christmas Patty. Have a lovely time with your family x

  11. Merry Christmas Patty.
    It seems you're going to have a lovely family Christmas day.

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    Feliz Natal!!!!
    Muita amor, saúde e paz para vc e sua família...
    q essa data traga junto com a magia do natal muita esperança em dias melhores e vitoriosos!
    ./_\\. Beijossssssssss
    _| |_................ simara