Thursday, December 9, 2010


Awhile ago as I was looking around at blogs and all of the wonderful new posts I spotted this great free download that Susanne had of some miniature Christmas paper. I thought it was wonderful and put it in a folder.

Then I remembered that Carol at True2scale had a wonderful little gift box to print which I printed on paper.
After I printed the box and the Christmas paper on printer paper, I carefully cut out the box. I then took the printed wrapping paper and sealed it with a matte spray twice to protect the colors.
With a UHU glue stick, I glued the wrapping paper to the box form and cut. When both of those pieces had dried I glued red tissue paper to the interior of the box and then put the box together. I had so much fun making this for a small collection of tiny sweets that I have been making. I am practicing the art of food making!!!! LOVE IT!!! The box is pretty deep so I put a tiny piece of foam in the bottom of the box and covered it with silver tissue paper and then filled the box up with various cookies,cupcake and peppermint candies! Oh, and a couple of oranges! It is a great way to show off a box of Holiday sweets! What do you think? They aren't perfect but I enjoyed making them. The red box with the banana/chocolate tart was the first attempt. I didn't cover the interior until the box was glued together and then I just did the top and the side flaps.

Thank you Carol and Susanne for the free printables!


  1. Patty... They are really wonderful! My favorite is the box of cookies! You said you had been playing trying new things. :-) I love them!

  2. So nice, I could eat a few..
    Love, Susanne

  3. They look so yummy! I love what you did with the box. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Food says celebration! I love what you've done with Carols box printie, yum!!