Saturday, June 12, 2010


Well, It is official as I  have sent in my deposit. I will be taking my  first workshop with Rik Pierce..."The Crooked House". I am so nervous but very excited too. This will be my first attempt at building,using paper clay and electrifying a house!!!! The class isn't until the end of July so it will give me enough time to gather any tools I might need. Any advice would be great from you!!!!! I was thinking about all of the miniatures that I have gathered over the past few years and realize I have a bed that needs to be dressed that would go perfect  in a Tudor home!! That is one thing down!! I might have a shelf or two somewhere too. Fingers crossed that I can manage to have this project come out good!!!


  1. Oh Patty. You lucky girl. Looks like a fun one for sure. Can't wait to see when you get to do it. Hugs~ KIm

  2. How exciting...would love to take one of his classes!! Looking forward to seeing what you create :)

  3. thank you for leaving your link! I now put your address on my blog!
    beautiful dolls, congratulations!

  4. Kim and Lori, I am taking it a Shellie's in San Carlos. I have been wanting to do this for a few years. I really wanted to do his "Thatched English Cottage" but the class was full and in Southern California. I will take pictures to share of the process.

    Caterina, I am so happy that you have joined my blog! Thank you.

  5. This is very exciting.You will tell us everything...

  6. Hi Patty, you will have so much fun!!
    He is such a good and helpful teacher! We have done the Crooked House last year, it is a wonderful house.
    Give him hugs from his german blond (-;

  7. You are so lucky, I love Rik's houses and would love to do one of his workshops!